rose + vanilla // mind, body and soul exfoliating scrub

rose + vanilla // mind, body and soul exfoliating scrub

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Our rose + vanilla scrub was made to take your skin routine to the next level as it helps remove dead skin, increase circulation that'll leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and smelling amazing.

Ingredients: organic epsom salt, organic white sugar, organic jojoba + almond + grapeseed and vanilla oil + dried rose petals.

Includes : wooden spoon

Directions: Apply to damp skin and scrub in a circular motion.

Do not apply to face as it is not lip/eye safe.

Please read: Please be mindful that essential oils can make your tub a little oily, which can result in slipping if not careful. Please watch your step when entering + exiting your tub.

If your skin becomes irritated, flush with water and discontinue use.

Our products are not intended to diagnosis or treat any medical condition or disease.

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