Are your products homemade?

Yes, all of our bath products and candles are made with love at home.

What type of wax do you use?

  • All of our candles are 100% soy candles - non-toxic + vegan and doesn’t contain any additives.

Are the essential oils in your bath products organic/natural?

  • Yes, all of the essential oils we use are 100% organic + natural. 

Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils in your candles?

We use all natural fragrance oils in our candles.

How should I care for my candle?

I would definitely suggest purchasing one of our wick trimmers. Wick trimmers help with keeping your candle clean of soot and with the most consistent burn. 

If you choose not to purchase a wick trimmer, you can use a pair of scissors or toenail clipper to trim the tip of your wick.

Candle instructions/disclaimer?

Mutha Luvin’ highly suggests that before lighting your candles you thoroughly read and follow the burn instructions, which can be found on the bottom of our candle jars.

Mutha Luvin’ does not guarantee how a wick or fragrance will perform and is not responsible or liable for any damages due to improper care

Do you have everything on hand?

Yes, everything in the store is on hand.

I make it a priority of mine to check and update inventory daily to make sure we are not selling anything we don't have in stock. 

Do you offer returns/refunds?

At this time all sales are final, we will only offer an exchange if you are unsatisfied with your candle. Please refer to our shipping/return page for more information.