5 self-care ideas for a stress-free new week

1. Pick a day during the weekend to plan for the new week ahead of time. 

This could include - grabbing your planner or journal to write down meal ideas you would like to cook, re-organizing your planner by removing or adding new task, scheduling appointments/meetings, plan social check ins either in person or via face time with your loved ones, etc.


2. Deep clean + organize your space.

Deep cleaning and organizing your space could help lessen your stress and anxiety levels. Get rid of anything you haven't worn or used in months/years.


3. Stick to your morning and night-time routine.

If you're anything like myself, having a routine is imperative. Routines have been known for reducing unnecessary stress, which can help improve your emotional health and boost your energy and productivity.


4. Make time for joy.

Release some dopamine and serotonin  from your body. Whether it's big or small, make time to experience joy this week, YOU deserve it. 



5. Rest

I don't know about you, but lately I've been utilizing my health app to help hold me accountable when it comes to getting an appropriate amount of rest each night. Not only does rest improve your mental health it also increases your concentration, memory, immune system, mood and so much more. 


I hope these few tips were helpful, have a fabulous rest of your day.



Takeia W.

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